Fanola® 12 x 1L
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Fanola - ethanol biofuel for fireplace

  • no smoke, no smell
  • no harmful substances emmited
  • produced from plants grown that season
  • safety confirmed and certified


Fanola is an ethanol based biofuel for use in a fireplace. It is an organic product, safe both for people and the environment. More >>>

Why Fanola?

As fireplaces biofuels Fanola® is used and recommended by the leading bio fireplace producers such as Planika. It is also availible in ChanticoUSA ethanol fireplace online store.More >>>

Why Fanola?

The use of Fanola® allows the so called clean burning, meaning that while burning only heat, water vapour and CO2 are emitted in quantities similar to those in an air exhaled by humans. Moreover, no fumes and smell are produced wile burning, neither as toxic substances harmful for people. More >>>

It is the especially designed bio-fuel formula that enables – while no need for a chimney installation – the bio-fireplace to become a fully mobile interior design element. Thanks to Fanola fuel, all bio-fireplace users can admire the beauty of live fire without troubling themselves about soot, ash or any other installation limitations.